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  • 1 – A New Social Media Platform for Concert-Goers

Recently after hearing about this from I teacher, I discovered, a social media platform designed for concert-goers to discuss the recent concerts they’ve attended. They can write reviews and post pictures and videos.

Not only is this a good place for fans to interact with each other, it is also beneficial for the artists that are being discussed. You can come here to discover new artists, decide whether a show is worth buying a ticket to based on reviews, and just share all those concert photos that you’ve been dying to post.

While I think this is a great idea in theory, there are not as many features that I think would make it worthwhile. Nothing makes it stand apart from Facebook Groups, Reddit threads, or other message boards. I also think that our generation is less likely to sign up for new websites, finding it hard to keep up with all of their accounts online. They would rather do everything on one site, for instance, instead of signing up for new accounts on 10+ websites.

Would you join something like and do you think this website will continue to grow in the future?

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Kelly Ahern

Kelly Ahern

November 11, 2018at 11:41 am

I was really excited when I saw the title of this blog. I am a big concert goer and I was curious about what this new website was. Overall, it does sound like something I want to check out. I think its a pretty cool idea to be able to post reviews and pictures from concerts to get fans excited and listen to the reactions more directly. I do think, however, that they need to find a way to set themselves apart from the other social platforms like you mentioned if they want to survive. If they were to make it into a unique, cool app I would definitely be a user.

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