Georgia Needs Our Votes

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Georgia Needs Our Votes

Today is the day, people! It’s the day we have been hearing about for the past several months- Election day! This cannot be stressed enough, but if you are able to vote then please do. I understand there are some people who aren’t able to vote, but for everyone else who is registered and able to, there are very little excuses for not going to the polls (unless you sent in an absentee ballot or voted early).

As our generation grows older, the more these policies, amendments, and government officials are going to directly impact our lives. Hundreds upon thousands of people have fought for our right to vote, so we can’t take that privilege of a “right” for granted.

No matter what your political beliefs are and no matter who you want to win, it’s our votes that count. This isn’t a post to plug a certain candidate, it’s a plug for everyone who can to go a do their civic duty. This election has the power to either change or keep Georgia in the same political party, but there’s also the power to elect powerful men and women into the House of Representatives and the Senate.

This might sound extreme, but the reality is the future of Georgia rests in our votes. It’s the little strides along the way that will pave the future in the next 5, 10, 20 years, so go voice your opinion and head to your respective polls.

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Cedrick Haney

Cedrick Haney

November 6, 2018at 11:30 am

I definitely hope everyone that can will go out and vote today! I had the opportunity to vote early last time I was home and i hope others do the same. You are correct, this election will directly effect our futures especially as we get older. I like how you didn’t support any specific candidates or parties as to make this post relatable to everyone. Go Vote!

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