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Go Vote Campaign

As today is the midterm election, I have seen more people than ever encourage voting. Usually, my social feeds are filled with people sharing their personal opinions of who they are voting for, or which issues are important to them. Celebrities have visited colleges and businesses near my hometown, campaigning for their personal favorite candidate. I am constantly turned off by both sides being so aggressive with their beliefs, pushing people to argue on social media.

This election, I have been shocked by the mood of those around me. No one has pushed me to vote a certain way, but instead, just to vote. My friends are posting about exercising our right (and privilege) to vote. I am a big supporter of this campaign because it is filled with positivity. Instead of fighting over gun control or abortion, we can focus on coming together as Americans and celebrating the freedom we have.

Google changed their interface to say, “Go Vote” as opposed to their normal homepage. Once you click on “Go Vote,” you are directed to a Google search of where to vote based on your home address. Again, the campaign is all about awareness, not one person’s political agenda. In a time where people will jump at the chance to argue, I appreciate a positive turn on the election.

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Madelyn McNeely

Madelyn McNeely

November 6, 2018at 12:20 pm

I do think that the ‘Go Vote’ campaign was done in a very positive way. It does not encourage you to vote for a specific party, but to share your voice for whatever you believe in. I think we should encourage more people to vote, and this campaign has been an effective way to do it. I have seen posts for the ‘Go Vote’ campaign all over social media from different platforms, and I hope this causes us to have the biggest voting turnout yet.

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