How Dierks Bentley Will Help You Cram for Your Exams

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How Dierks Bentley Will Help You Cram for Your Exams

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When it comes to celebrity endorsements, it is very easy to imagine the potential benefits that come to a company who chooses to use celebrities to market a product.  By playing to consumers’ preferences and hiring popular celebrities, companies can quickly convince their audience to buy into whatever product they are selling and vastly increasing revenue potential.  However, when it comes to the endorsement deal between well-known 5-Hour Energy and country recording artist Dierks Bentley, 5-Hour Energy isn’t the only party reaping the benefits.  Bentley has been able to use this partnership as a strategic marketing tool himself in the world of music.

Bentley signed the endorsement deal with 5-Hour Energy in early 2018 and, immediately following the release of his album The Mountain in June, was featured in a commercial for 5-Hour Energy’s “Back too 100%” marketing campaign.  It featured Dierks drinking 5-Hour Energy shots in preparation for energetic live performances.  However, the endorsement deal did not simply promote 5-Hour Energy.  The soundtrack to the commercial was Bentley’s latest single “Woman, Amen”, which following the release of the ad immediately jumped into the top 10 most Shazamed songs of that week.  Being that Shazam is a platform through which listeners can discover the name of the song and artist they are listening to in that moment, we can assume that Dierks must have reached a vast amount of new listeners who potentially liked the song they heard given that they Shazamed it.

Not only was his song and his name broadcast to a wide potential new fanbase, he is also receiving additional support from 5-Hour Energy. The company has announced their sponsorship of his upcoming tour to promote his new album and is also helping him to increase his engagement with fans through posting additional content on social media.

From a marketing perspective, I believe this situation is a win-win for both parties.  Both names get to expand their audience through the reach of the other.  5-Hour Energy gets to reap the benefits of celebrity endorsement while Dierks Bentley is able to utilize the companies resources to expand his own brand.  Some people may see a celebrity endorsing a product as a sell-out, but I see it as an opportunity to sell-out shows… and I think Dierks does too.

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