Dos Equis – Keeping it Interesante

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Dos Equis – Keeping it Interesante

Dos Equis, the beer thats been brewed the same way since 1897. A malt flavored lager that tastes like a pilsner. This beer is a staple in the industry not only for its taste, but for it’s advertisements that stand out among the rest.

Surely at some point in your life you have come across the most interesting man in the world, Jonathan Goldsmith

Here he is surrounded by 2 beautiful women as an attempt to show you what this beer can do for you. Dos Equis is not meant for the lame, tame, or uninteresting. It is crafted for people of adventure, spontaneity and charisma. The beer gives an overall cool factor to those who are capable of pulling it off like Mr. Goldsmith here.

This campaign was rather entertaining as it demonstrated this silver fox and the journeys he’s been on throughout his lifetime. The stories he tells are always over a Dos Equis and end with the slogan, “Stay Thirsty My Friends”. This directs our attention to beyond the beer and a sense of thirst for lifes adventures. Don’t settle into a routine, stay thirsty and find adventure.


The campaign later came to an end when Jonathan Goldsmith was replaced by Augustin Legrand

He’s alright and all, but you can’t just replace the most interesting man in the world with some random. You can’t just become the most interesting man in the world it is a title already maintained and no one can just give that away.


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John DeLoach

John DeLoach

November 6, 2018at 2:08 pm

I like this blog post because I am personally a big fan of the Dos XX beer and their ads. I feel like many beer companies do a great job of marketing themselves, and often in different ways. Dos XX is unique and recognizable, and honestly the ads make me want to drink the beer. I feel like I cant say that about many other light beers.

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