KOA: a restaurant, a bar, and now a yoga studio?

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KOA: a restaurant, a bar, and now a yoga studio?

In downtown Athens you will find a Hawaiian beach themed restaurant and bar called Koa. Koa serves acai bowls, poke bowls, smoothies, lunch food, and of course cocktails. This new hangout is trying to do it all- attracting the young Athens community to their tropical spot. Is Koa actually breaking into the market, or are they stretching themselves a bit thin with their new endeavor to be a yoga studio?

In my opinion, Koa need to narrow its target market because it is trying to be everything for everyone without doing one thing really well. My sorority held a brunch at Koa bowls that ended up being a disaster. There was no food prep so there was a huge back up in the kitchen from the start. The owner completely forgot about the fat check that we paid to get discounts on food so parents spent full price on everything. These small mistakes is a result of poor planning. With such a big event, Koa should have prepared for a large crowd and taken actions to help the store run smoothly during the event. I also know a serve that use to work there that went through minimal training which is also a red flag.

With an already unstable business plan, the last thing Koa needs to do is to open up yoga in their “bar”. Could you imagine doing yoga in bar tar covered floors and with inexperienced instructors? Sounds like a disaster even on paper. I suggest Koa start specializing in what they are good at to help establish them as serious competitor downtown because leaders like Pauley’s and Clarke’s are matching better with their target markets.

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Savannah Mentzer

Savannah Mentzer

November 6, 2018at 1:54 pm

Yikes! I have never been to this bar, but I have heard of disasters to have happened there since opening similar to your sororities. I agree with you in that Koa should narrow their target market and create a business plan that is specific to its audience. If they want to be a bar, they should only be a bar. I have a feeling that this new yoga plan is going to go in the gutter, especially because there are already several professional yoga studios in Athens, and not any in bars. Hopefully Koa will figure out what they need to in order to become successful.

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