“Meet Your Shoes”

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“Meet Your Shoes”

Allbirds is an up and coming online shoe company focused on providing comfortable, environmental friendly footwear.  They currently have two original styles: the Wool Runner, made from sheep in New Zealand, and the Tree Runner thats created from eucalyptus trees. To deeper their brand awareness and connection with consumers, Allbirds launched a campaign in which you can “meet your shoes”. They created an interactive website in which consumers can see a live feed of where your sheep or tree could have came from. They also produced videos of individuals who felt the need to actually go meet their shoe’s source.

While I doubt there are many people who will log in to watch sheep or admire the trees, the campaign may be useful in reminding people of Allbirds’ mission. Sustainability efforts are becoming more common and promoted by consumers as seen in the last observation of the Gucci brand. Their shoes look a lot like Nikes, but Allbirds’ materials could possibly encourage consumers to consider branch out for a good cause.


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Nora McGonigle

Nora McGonigle

November 6, 2018at 2:16 pm

I have never heard of Allbirds before, but this seems like an interesting concept. Especially with this generation’s environmental awareness, I think it is definitely a pro that customers can see where their shoes are coming from. I’m interested to see how this company’s idea grows and how their sales do.

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