Self-Driving Cars

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Self-Driving Cars

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One of Uber’s vehicles struck and killed a 49-year-old pedestrian Elaine Herzberg in March while she was crossing a road at night. The vehicle had been in self-driving mode and the Uber back-up driver was watching “The Voice” on her phone at the time of the incident, according to a police report. As a result, Uber has found itself investing in running tests on self-driving cars. Recently, Uber released a 70-page report that detailed Uber’s plans for its self-driving car program in Pennsylvania, which includes safety measures to prevent crashes and fatalities.

I know that we have been living in the age of constant change and growth as a result of technology, and I am excited that we are taking greater strides when it comes to self-driving cars. Personally, I would not trust the technology that currently fuels the self-driving cars right now, BUT I would in a few years because it is too early to tell just how well everything works. I would definitely be all for it when I get passed the retirement age because it will be more of a burden to drive. Even as of right now, I would be all for it if it weren’t for the fact that this concept is in its early stages of being tested. Overall, I think self-driving cars are a great way to go because they are far more dependable and reliable than us  human beings. I know that my mood, what I am stressed about, how tired I am, and factors along those lines affect how I drive on a day-to-day basis. If we had the ability to cut these factors out, then I think we, as a nation, will have the ability to lower the number of accidents that occur on the road.

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