Terrapin Brewery

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Terrapin Brewery

Another local legend in the craft beer scene, Terrapin is making major strides across the nation. Terrapin has partnered with  MillerCoors and is still considered a craft venture. In order to be considered craft, on of the qualifications is a brewery cannot be majority owned by one of the big beer companies.

Taking a look at Terrapin’s instagram, I can see the local scene in Athens has helped them tremendously. Terrapin does a good job with their content. They stay extremely relevant with their posts. Additionally, they utilize their partnership with the Atlanta Braves as a major selling point. They created a beer made of the same wood that  mizunio uses for their bats. A great marketing effort on their part.

Terrapin also has a Terrapin Taphouse at Suntrust park. They don’t appear to have an instagram for this location. I think this would be a valuable use of their time as they could create a lot of content in relation to the Braves. However, the taproom practically sells itself so it may not be ideal to spend time during the season. This tactic would be more effective in the off season.



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Maddie Smith

Maddie Smith

November 6, 2018at 1:24 pm

Great points made about Terrapin. I think they really thrive on selling themselves as a local beer. Despite being so well known in Atlanta and partnering with MillerCoors, they still feel like a part of Athens. I think staying close to their roots as they expand and encouraging the whole shop local movement will really help them continue to grow in Atlanta and beyond.

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