Cali-N-Titos needs to up their social media game

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Cali-N-Titos needs to up their social media game

I know we have all heard of Cali-N-Titos Latin restaurant. Founded in 1996, Cali-N-Titos is a classic go-to restaurant here in the classic city! Cali-N-Titos is a staple restaurant here in Athens which is why it shocked me to see how their social media accounts were slacking.

Let’s begin with their website. CNT’s website is nice and funky and goes along with their entire vibe. They have various different landing pages for their various needs, however, the site is not complete. For example, their History/Mission page says “coming soon” which is a very bad marketing move. I would highly recommend adding this part to their site soon, a company’s mission statement is very crucial to the business and to their target audience. Companies gain more customers when their values align with theirs.

Their Facebook page is doing well with the number of followers and likes they have, they have a little over 5,000 right now. However, their content is pretty outdated and they do not post very often. I would recommend creating more exciting, creative, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing content and to start posting something every day to keep users engaged.

Cali-N-Titos Instagram account is the platform that needs the most work. They have a decent amount of followers, 1,460 to be exact, but the number could easily increase. They could do this by announcing events and special offers on their page to attract more customers and to advertise these platforms in their restaurants. They have had their Instagram since 2012, and in the past 6 years, they have only posted 93 times. Again, I would recommend that they create more engaging content and that they start posting more often. Overall it’ll make their page more cohesive.


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