Could Vine be Making a Comeback?

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Could Vine be Making a Comeback?

Byte. This is the name for a new video looping app that is planned to launch sometime in 2019. There has been a lot of recent buzz about the new app since it is being created by the co-founder of the Vine app. It seems the co-founder has been working on this project for quite some time and is hopeful of making a comeback with the new Byte app. While not exactly surprising news since the founder has been quite vocal about Vine making a reappearance, many are skeptical of its ability to thrive among the big players in social media. I think it’s interesting to see the co-founder trying to bring Vine back from the dead considering how abruptly it shutdown. Since it has forced to shut down once already, I don’t know how much one could change the app to make it competitive while maintaining the purpose of the app.

As we all know, Vine was discontinued in late 2016 since the app was no longer profitable. This came as devastating news for avid Vine users and seemed strange considering how popular the app was. However, Vine failed to reach enough audiences to maintain profitability and was forced to shut down. Vine was once the leader in short form videos on social media and was even bought by Twitter for a cool $30 million. In the end, it seems Snapchat and Instagram were too powerful to overcome in the short video department. It was estimated that it cost Twitter nearly $10 million each month to operate, an expense that was far greater than the revenue generate from the app.

Perhaps Byte will be the new app to replace Vine in the coming months. However, I still think the app will struggle to keep up with other forms of social media and establish itself among such tough competition. Maybe the new app will include new features not found within any other application to set itself apart. What do you think? Bring Vine back as Byte or let it be?

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Matthew Parmenter

Matthew Parmenter

November 11, 2018at 5:08 pm

Vine was a great form of social media before it was shut down. I would love to see a comeback from Vine and would be interested to see how it would play out.

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