The Marketing of Hill House

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The Marketing of Hill House

While browsing through Netflix for another series to watch, I found the Haunting of Hill House. I had seen promotions for the series on Twitter and Instagram and decided to give it a shot. I was not disappointed. I only meant to watch the first episode before writing this, but I couldn’t stop. It is just so intriguing and captivating; I probably could have binged it all in two nights if we weren’t approaching finals. Watching it feels like reading a good book. The script is very well written, and the plot is interesting to say the least. In addition, the casting is on point, it is beautifully shot, and the series as a whole is very well acted. It can feel a little bit cheesy at times, but what is a horror story if it isn’t a little corny. 

Overall, I very much like what I have seen so far and am excited to watch the rest. My opinion is shared with others as well as the series has exceptionally high reviews on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. This is especially impressive since it is a horror series, and horror plots typically do not go over too well with critics.

Looking its social presence was interesting. There is consistent branding across platforms, however I did notice that its handle is different on different outlets. For example on Instagram, it is @_haunting while it is just @haunting on Twitter and @thehauntingofnetflix on Facebook. I have always thought of this as a branding mishap since it ruins the consistency and makes it harder and more confusing for the accounts to be found. However, the actual management of the platforms and content used to market the series is impressive. Instead of just being scenes from the show, there is also interactive content created just for marketing use. I also thought their usage of Instagram highlights was clever by having different categories for the different characters. There is a substantial following for the show’s accounts on all of its platforms. On Instagram, it has over 140,000 followers, over 200,000 likes on Facebook, and 42,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, its trailer has garnered over 4 million views on YouTube.

Yet again, Netflix seems to have created another hit. I personally cannot wait to have some free time to binge the rest of the series. I might just do it anyways. We’ll see.

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Tony Dang

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Ashley Lollar

Ashley Lollar

November 11, 2018at 9:49 pm

I have also been seeing commercials and advertisements for this series on my social media and I have been wanting to give it a chance! I’m happy to hear you say that it’s a good series. I really love that there is interactive content created just for the show. I think it was a smart move to garner media attention as well as to help keep watchers engaged. I do think it’s kind of strange that there are different handles but hopefully it doesn’t confuse too many viewers. You made a pretty good argument for me to give the show a try. Maybe I’ll watch the first episode over Thanksgiving break.

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