Whoa, Wait. Walmart?

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Whoa, Wait. Walmart?

Maybe you scoff at the thought of doing real shopping at this large retailer, or perhaps you are loyal to Walmart above all else. Whatever your thoughts on Walmart, let’s agree to stack hands and leave our pre-conceived notions at the door.

Two women, Bethany Halford and Amanda Jerkins, partnered together to do just this. Their hopes were to help the “on trend, Anthropologie-loving women with a Walmart budget.” What started out as a simple blog and instagram account called “Whoa, Wait. Walmart?” quickly took off when these two women did the searching and found rare gem products in the aisles of Walmart. From clothing to home decor, the two used a Anthropologie-filtered eye to seek out quality products for affordable prices for women.

With time, they were approached with the opportunity to create a clothing line with the same title for Walmart which became successful and adopted in 2017. Today these two friends work on this project as their full-time job, and Walmart is reaching a select audience that might have sat them out upon first glance.

Social media is a powerful tool, and Walmart’s partnership with these friends from Tennessee and Arkansas has now reached many women with a tight pocketbook and select taste.

Woah, wait. That’s pretty cool.


Kaitlyn Bius

Kaitlyn Bius

November 11, 2018at 5:07 pm

Great article! I always love to find great products at a bargain price. I’ll admit, I’m always a little skeptical when going to Walmart. I much prefer Target, but there’s no denying Walmart’s great prices. I like that these two women are changing how people perceive Walmart by curing products.

Conner Brooke Dryden

Conner Brooke Dryden

November 11, 2018at 9:23 pm

Finding it so funny that you wrote this blog this week Holly because I was walking through Walmart the other day and noticed some cute clothing items that I thought looked just as fashionable as many high-end things bought at other popular stores. I noticed their athletic gear in particular but am excited to know there are other options too!! I’m going to have to check out this Instagram page.

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