A Star Is Born

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A Star Is Born

In the latest remake of A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga show off their voices. It is a tale about their love story and stardom. The movie is all the buzz right now, and a lot of that goes to Warner Brothers marketing.

Warner Brothers partnered with Spotify to “bring the scope of a rock concert to a 30 second advertisement”. They pioneered 3D sound to “mimic the surround-sound effect of being in the theater when the viewer has on headphones”. This one-of-a-kind advertisement took advantage of the 3D sound technology and brightened the future of marketing.

Warner Brothers achieved this by having the sound bounce between the right and left headphone speakers in order to mimic a concert. According to Spotify’s Andi Frieder, they “used a specialized audio production technique that delivers audio to the Spotify user so that their ears and brain interpret the sounds as being omnidirectional,”.  “This allows placement of sound not just left and right, but above, behind, and in front of the listener in a seemingly 3D space.”

This new tool for advertising helped make the movie a success and open the door for marketers.


Quotes linked:  

‘A Star Is Born’ Is Even Impacting the Advertising World as Warner Bros. Debuts Groundbreaking 3D Sound Promo


Taylor Rosenbleeth

Taylor Rosenbleeth

November 12, 2018at 11:14 am

When I did see advertisements for this movie, I did notice something seemed different about the music and volume. Even the audio in the movie seemed distinctive, so it is interesting to find out why. I really enjoyed this movie, and it’s definitely cool that marketing used this new tool to promote the movie!

KP Wilkinson

KP Wilkinson

November 12, 2018at 12:03 pm

I have been wanting to see this movie! I did not know they partnered with Spotify, but I find that really smart and interesting.

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