Athleta Moves Beyond Treadmill in New Campaign That Pushes Women to Do New Things

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Athleta Moves Beyond Treadmill in New Campaign That Pushes Women to Do New Things

As one of the world’s top active wear brands, Athleta launched a campaign about six months ago that moved women far beyond the depths of the gym and more into their everyday lives. This digital campaign was all about expanding self-perceptions.

Athleta introduced their “Up for Anything” campaign with a video that challenges women to move beyond self-doubt to try new things. The video begins with women trying on a pair of Athleta leggings which they think they are testing out in a focus group. However, soon after they are swigging from a trapeze, an activity that these women never thought they could do.

This campaign video goes far beyond trying to promote Athleta fitness apparel. Chief Marketing Officer of Athleta, Andrea Mallard says “”This campaign was about inspiring women to get past the inevitable moment of self-doubt that comes with trying something for the first time and simply focusing on the thrill of the new no matter how ridiculous you may look doing it.” This campaign truly inspired women to move outside their comfort zone and try new things and achieve new goals.

I really enjoyed reading about this digital campaign as I think it is so important for us as women to continue to challenge ourselves on a daily basis. Just like these women of the focus group, find myself constantly struggling with the idea that I cannot do something whether that be trying a new food, new workout, or even studying for a big test. However, if you find the courage and motivation to push outside your limits the results are far more rewarding.

Click the link below to see the campaign in full force!

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