Best Tactics for Companies over the Holidays

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Best Tactics for Companies over the Holidays

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I have already begun brainstorming about presents to get for friends and family. I know that if I am already thinking about the holidays, businesses have too. They must find a way to compel shoppers to choose their business over competitors. While I am looking through the internet and social media for gifts, there are several things that I think brands can do that will grab my attention and make me consider them for my holiday shopping.


To begin, brands should aim to highlight a good cause. Whether that be giving back to the community or giving a portion of profits to a worthy cause, a business will really grab people’s attention, who will remember them when evaluating options. Businesses should also go behind the scenes with their products. It always intrigues me to see more about the people who make the product and the process. Finally, the brand should urge their audience to share holiday photos. Seeing holiday-related content puts me, and many other consumers, in a good mood. The good feeling associated with the brand might lead to a conversion when shoppers are choosing between several alternatives.


Although these tactics are applicable throughout the year, I thought they would be even more effective during the holidays. What other strategies could companies employ to get shoppers in their stores and on their website?

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