IKEA’s Introduction of Augmented Reality

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IKEA’s Introduction of Augmented Reality

As technological advancements become more commonplace, the introduction of revolutionary ideas are able to expand quicker than ever. One example of this is with the spread of augmented reality into many apps and different platforms. While this technology once seemed idealistic and hard to find helpful uses for the average smartphone user, AR has had made rapid advancements, allowing many to be able to experience this technology. One company that has introduced this technology into their digital marketing strategy is IKEA.

Recently, IKEA released a feature on their furniture app using AR technology. The feature allows you to have your camera set in a room and virtually place furniture pieces around the room, allowing you to see what furniture would look like if purchased in your own setting. The technology allows for users to interact with potential purchases in the comfort of their own home, seeing which pieces would match best with their current home furnishings. Given how recent the technology has adapted to widespread use, this feature is pretty revolutionary for IKEA, especially that it is a pretty recent trend.

I tried using the IKEA app feature, and the use is relatively realistic. I found it easy to “place” furniture pieces within the room I was in, and there were not too many bugs. You have the ability to change colors and fabrics of each item you choose, and it gives you a pretty realistic dimension of how much space each product would take up. I was surprised as to how well it worked.

I am interested to see how more companies incorporate AR technology into their digital marketing efforts as the technology becomes more commonplace.

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Tony Dang

Tony Dang

November 12, 2018at 11:07 am

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE IKEA. I love just wandering through the store for hours playing house and pretending I’m one of the main characters from 500 Days of Summer. After freshman year, I moved out of the dorms and into an actual house, and I remember playing with AR feature in the IKEA app to see how different furnitures would fit in my spaces. I also remember thinking how surprisingly realistic it was and thought it was really cool. And this was a couple years ago. I can only imagine how much advanced the technology has gotten. It makes a lot of sense for a company like IKEA to utilize AR technology, but I’m interested in seeing how other companies will use it as technology and advertising continue to advance.

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