Line Creek Brewing

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Line Creek Brewing

Peachtree City, Ga’s first craft brewery is located about 25 min south of the Atlanta airport. Founded in 2018, Line Creek Brewing has a great location and even better beer. The atmosphere has a very chill vibe and a rustic look. There are around 30 craft breweries in Georgia and Line Creek is the newest.

Line Creek is named after a local hiking trail that parallels a long winding creek. Catering to the local audience, Line Creek Brewing has a beer for everyone. Upon my first view of their website I could see that there are many beer options in such a shirt period of time in existence. It appears line creek is targeting the packaging side of the industry more so than draft.

@Linecreekbrewing utilizes a lot of calls to action in there instagram campaign. They understand there is a large and willing population surrounding them. Anytime they have a new beer on tap at the brewery they make sure to let the locals know. Additionally, they are utilizing local restaurants doing tap takeovers to expand their reach. They have done a good job on instagram so far in their short history.



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