The Future of In Store Holiday Shopping

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The Future of In Store Holiday Shopping

With the holidays quickly approaching, more and more advertisements for holiday shopping are appearing as well. From Black Friday shopping deals to Christmas discounts, there is always one thing in common; an online option. Almost every single company, while they do advertise their in store savings, offer an online discounts. This is a trend that is continuing to grow in popularity as the convenience of online shopping becomes easier and easier. What are brick and mortar stores thinking about this upcoming holiday?

With this trend, it becomes vital for the actual stores to find ways to attract customers into their stores with experiential attractions that appeal to all customers. Without this added appeal, it is difficult to convince shoppers to leave the comfort of their homes and enter into the physical store. Some companies have become very creative, like bringing in photo booths for customers or offering free in store goodies, while others have been failing miserably and unfortunately are having to close down.

It will be interesting to see and analyze the data from this upcoming holiday season, and evaluate the successes and failures of different companies. Which of the companies will increase in-store sales over the holidays and which won’t?

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Haley Mitchell

Haley Mitchell

November 12, 2018at 10:59 pm

I am also very interested in how the trends of Holiday shopping with change this year. I still enjoy going out and shopping to find gifts. However, I am a college student that has free time to do so during the month of December. Most people don’t have the free time to spend just browsing around a store. I also think stores are going to continue to go above and beyond to try to get people to actually come into stores because people who are busy are not going to take time out of their day unless there is an incentive. I think this Holiday season will be crazier than every because in my personal opinion, Amazon has grown a lot in the last year.

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