The Journey

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The Journey

Headsup folks! This particular blog is just a self-assessment of my own individual experience while posting blogs on Digital Marketing Dawgs, it doesn’t contain any original content on marketing or social media news. (Sorry!) What better way to end the semester than with a blog dedicated to the journey of doing so. Like they say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” or something along those lines.

As an individual who has never blogged in his entire life, my experience of blogging throughout this semester was quite a wholesome one. What began only as a weekly requirement for a marketing class, ended up being an incremental journey of self-interest in the world of blogging, despite it being only a small taste. The idea of openly and freely expressing one’s ideas or information around was a critical part of what made this intriguing to me. Freely writing and publishing about ideas and content that matters to me, and infusing those interests into the realm of social media marketing in general.

Going back through the posts and blogs I made, I noticed two major difference in the way I “approached” publishing my blogs as time went on; the audience in mind and the overall content of what the blog was about. I found it was easier to write on topics that were intriguing to me versus writing on topics that might be intriguing to others. Looking back on it now, I rather have written about average topics in a intriguing way then trending topics in a boring way. I found out that it’s just as important in keeping the audience and engagement in mind as it is to create the actual content of the blog.  Context and having that audience in mind is what makes that engangement and hook so key on keeping them and coming back for more of your content.

The idea of blogging was more of a act of duty regarding a manditory assignment and nothing more. The older blogs were just regurgitated news that had to be done and that’s about as shallow as it got, but as weeks flew by, the idea of investing time in what I published was more about trying to  collect all my thoughts into a cohesive blog for me to publish.

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Jennifer Osbon

Jennifer Osbon

November 12, 2018at 8:44 pm

This makes me so happy! My journey of becoming a teacher was the same. It was a path of self-discovery that helped me understand myself better and I’m turn that makes what I give to others so much more powerful.

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