Airlines Social Media: Part 10

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Airlines Social Media: Part 10

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10th Airline up: Spirit Airlines

Places I have flown to on Spirit: Florence, Italy

1st platform up: Facebook

Spirit’s Facebook in my opinion is very strong. The first thing I noticed is how great their captions are. They have wit and made me laugh when read them. I greatly appreciated that they clearly took time to come up with their content before posting. They also asking customers to comment about their experiences which I thought was a very smart idea because by them upfront sagging that shows people who are on their page that they truly do care about their customers and want to hear about what is going right and what is going wrong. I know that when I first saw this I was a little shocked with how they said to “speak frankly” which proved they they want to hear everyones HONEST opinion. I do believe, however, that they could be posting more often than they currently are. I believe that if they post more of their customers pictures or other types of content it will increase customer engagement and lead to more sales for Spirit.

2nd platform up: Twitter

Spirit’s Twitter is very ascetically pleasing in my opinion which ultimately made me want to keep scrolling their their page. They had a lot of moving content and bright yellow colors that interested me and want to see what would come next. A lot of their content was similar in design which I appreciated because it was very cohesive. They used their Facebook page in multiple ways which include news updates, promotions, and showcasing places Spirit fly to. For example, they posted updates to new regulations surrounding emotional support animals. Additionally, they gave military member discounts around Veterans Day which I thought showed a lot about who they are as a company. All of those factors combined showed me that their Twitter account is set up structurally strong but there are some areas they could work on such as increasing engagement. Overall, I do believe their Twitter account is very strong and has a great set up.

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