Animals of Instagram: Last One, Best One

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Animals of Instagram: Last One, Best One

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For this last blog, I have been waiting to share one of my favorite accounts that I think definitely deserves to be featured. @MaisyTheBarnHippo is a rescued pit bull pup that has a great feed and it definitely requires one to check it out.

This account is important to me due to the controversial issue of pit bulls as pets. People are discriminatory against pit bulls and these accounts are showing these dogs as they should be- as loving and funny pets. By having Instagram accounts such as this one, people can really see the loving nature of these animals. How can you resist their big smiles?

Here is the social media update on this account:

@MaisyTheBarnHippo has 25.1K followers and almost 1500 photos. This account is filled with adorable pictures of this dog that always comes with a caption featuring funny hashtags. The Instagram is also very diverse with content including plenty of videos of Maisy. I don’t know how you can not love this animal when you see the cuteness overload from this account.

Go check out this account to see just what I am talking about and see how amazing pit bulls actually are!

As this is my last blog, I wanted to send you readers off with a call to action. Go out there and find an Instagram account that makes you smile. From goats to reptiles to dogs, I am sure you will find an account that you are passionate about and a community that shares the passion with you.

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