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Facebook Portal

Facebook recently launched a new product coined “Facebook Portal.” This smart screen bears major similarities to the assistant-enabled smart screens produced by Amazon and Google. However, unlike the Amazon Echo Show and the Google Home Hub, Facebook is betting that users will stay because of the Portal’s integration with Facebook’s capabilities and features.

Instead of marketing their product against users of Google’s Home Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show, Facebook makes the distinction that their products are capable of integrating with the Facebook features you might already use. The smartscreen works with Facebook Messenger, allowing users to video call and instant message their friends who are on Facebook. The camera recognizes the user and is able to follow you around the room as they walk. Due to privacy concerns Facebook has faced in the past, they are guaranteeing that this device is secure and does not track users’ information. They also have features that will disable the camera when it is not in use. Like other systems, you can command it to play music or inquire about the weather, but Facebook is betting that its main attraction will be the fact that all your friends are already on Facebook.

Will this product catch on now that many other smart devices are already popular? Considering that the Facebook Portal makes use of Amazon’s assistant Alexa, they might have a hard time pulling users from their beloved Amazon Echos. They must continue to position themselves in a different light than their competitors and find features that will differentiate them from the rest. Do you think they will be able to do this?

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