Holiday Shopping at Your Fingertips

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Holiday Shopping at Your Fingertips

There is expected to be a huge digital push with online holiday shopping in the next few months. While people will still be shopping in stores, 60% of milllenials plan to use laptops or PCS, 55% with a mobile device, and 17% plan to use voice assistants according to a new study.

In the first week of November, Facebook recorded 19 million users engage in 40 million interactions related to holiday shopping. Not surprisingly, residents of New York City led the pack followed by cities like Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Year after year, Facebook expects e-commerce traffic from Instagram to increase by 51%. eMarketer recently predicted that Americans will spend over $1 trillion this year on holiday shopping. Apparel/accessories and electronics are the 2 highest categories bringing in e-commerce revenue. Health/beauty and food products held less of the percentage. This makes sense because people need those things year round.

With that being said, retailers should measure their own holiday sensitivity against these trends before they dump tons of money into advertising and email automation. Additionally, the days from Black Friday through Christmas pull in 50-100% more revenue compared to shopping days throughout the rest of the year. Online retailers will get the most out of the holiday season if they closely monitor their consumer buyer behavior. Changes in these habits are proving traditional industry assumptions about how the holidays are “supposed” to work wrong.

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