Juul against the FDA

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Juul against the FDA

Every millennial has gotten accustomed to seeing the famous Juul’s in the hands of their friends and colleagues. Juul’s have revolutionized the way people get their nicotine intake through a small “flash-drive” looking cartridge, but FDA has accused them of targeting the youth. The Juul has gained incredible traction through their fruity flavors which appeal to a younger audience and the FDA has asked for them to begin cutting back their youthful advertising.

Recently Juul has announced that they will stopped selling flavored juul pods to retail stores nationwide in order to comply with the FDA.

Now Juul has announced that they will take down their social media pages in order to stop attracting a youthful audience from buying their product. This will clearly affect Juuls sales and it will be interesting to see what the FDA says about the extensive procedures Juul is taking.

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Brendon Ramdeholl

Brendon Ramdeholl

November 13, 2018at 3:11 pm

I personally don’t think it will affect the sales of Juul too much considering there are other brands that make juice for the Juul itself. These companies will just start making larger profits.

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