Markiplier does content planning?

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Markiplier does content planning?

Recently the Game Theorists Youtube channel released a theory about fellow Youtuber Markiplier.


For some background, the channel is run by Mark Fischbach. He primarily takes on the persona of Markiplier, who is often portrayed as goofy and boisterous; however, the channel has several other recurring personas like Darkiplier and Wilford Warfstache.


The Theory is that Mark has been seeding a narrative for 5 years across his videos, social platforms, and collaborations, that the characters and personas on his channel aside from the main persona Markiplier are trying to take over the channel and take revenge on Markiplier and Mark and it also goes through the origin of some of the personas.

Youtube has had a lot of great puzzles to put together in recent years, Petscop, Doki Doki, FNAF, Dream Daddy, etc. I love the idea that Mark has been working to make himself one. I think it’s also important to understand how much goes into Youtube because many of us tend to see it as easy or chaotic.

So to see a great analysist like MatPat breakdown what is essentially a content strategy by another YouTuber is incredible to me. AND on the off Chance that he is wrong, I would love to see Mark adopt it anyway.

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