Outside Online’s Best Places to Work

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Outside Online’s Best Places to Work

Outside, a media company that specializes in outdoor industry media through traditional and digital platforms, recently released their “Best Places To Work” article for 2018.

Every year they build a list of companies that they feel are the best places to work because of great perks and dedication to providing an optimal work-life balance for their employees. According to Outside, “it’s a commitment to fun and supportive work environments that really makes these companies stand apart.”

The way companies are selected for this list is through an application process. The company (or maybe employees of the company) apply to be on the list of Outside’s Best Places To Work, which they release late in the year.

The list contains the name of the company, location of the company, what the company does, the number of employees at the company, the average salary of employees at the company, vacation time/PTO policies, a list of company perks and a couple sentences about what the company is like from an owner/employee. With 50 companies on this year’s list and 100 companies on past year’s lists, there is a lot of information out there about many different companies and why they are awesome to work at.

Last year, when I was on the hunt for a summer internship, I went through the Best Places to Work of 2017 on Outside’s online platform and picked out a bunch of different companies to contact about summer work. Unfortunately, none of them panned out as many of the companies are smaller and don’t have summer opportunities, but I think my plan will be the same this year as I am graduating in May and am in search of full time employment.

I have long been a fan of Outside magazine and love all of the articles they put out because almost all of them are of interest to me, so I trust that the companies they choose truly are some of the best to work for in the US.


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