Trends To Try

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Trends To Try

While 2019 is quickly approaching so are new social media marketing trends. Because marketers routinely integrate social media marketing within their core marketing strategies in order to produce a growing market share, it is important that they pay close attention to the latest social media marketing trends of the future.

One trend that we have seen on the rise is video content. Cisco VNI Forecast Report stated in 2015 that 70% of the total consumer traffic was video traffic only. They also projected that by 2020 it will soar to 80% of total consumer internet traffic. Many sites such as Facebook and Instagram have already begun launching features to promote video content such as Live Video.

Another tool to be utilized is ChatBots. ChatBots create real-time engagement with customer, which helps to improve Customer Relation Management. One-way sites can implement ChatBots into their websites is through an instant messaging service.

As mentioned in my previous blog Influencer Marketing is picking up more than ever. The growth of social media has provided individuals with the opportunity to grow their personal brand every day. Facebook has begun paying top social media influencers over $2 million dollars to produce live content.

Each of these trends if used effectively and simultaneously are projected to increase customer value proposition while also growing market share.

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