Tyra’s Comeback : Life-Size 2

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Tyra’s Comeback : Life-Size 2

I don’t know if you guys have heard but Tyra Banks is teaming up with FreeForm, formerly known as ABC Family, for a sequel to the 2000 movie Life Size.

First off, let me break your heart and tell you no, Lindsay Lohan will not be in this movie. However, they have added an ABC Family native Francia Raisa from the Secret Life of the American Teenager.

It seems as though promotion wise, it is only being advertised on FreeForm and through the personal social media accounts of those involved. One of the biggest ways they are promoting is through Tyra Banks’ personal accounts.

Banks has been posting about the movie since August of this year, but news is just now circulating from the release of the trailer. It seems to be gaining a lot of coverage from outlets such as E! News, Entertainment Tonight, and the Hollywood Reporter. I expect this movie to gain even more earned media coverage when platforms such as Buzzfeed pick up the story.

The movie comes out on Freeform Sunday December 2nd, and honestly I’ll probably be posted up on my couch waiting with a bag of popcorn. This could either be good or an absolute train wreck, but I’m along for the ride!

Click here to watch one of the released trailers: we all know you’re going to Google it now anyways!

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