I Wish I Could Be A Fashion Blogger

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I Wish I Could Be A Fashion Blogger

I’ve had such a funny couple of days with bloggers. I follow a few fashion bloggers, and I always look forward to watching their Instagram stories and seeing they try ons. Recently, it seems that all the bloggers that I follow are gaining mass amounts of followers because they keep posting “Meet me” posts about their lives and careers. As I am a loyal follower, a lot of the information isn’t new, but some are quicker to share than others, so I’ve been learning a good bit about strangers’ lives. The two bloggers that I follow most closely are both getting married, so their platforms have turned into more of a wedding planning account- not something I need in this phase of my life.

My absolute favorite fashion blogger (go follow her because she is amazing) is Being Bridget. She is from Dallas, TX and so am I. I’ve tried to find her around town, so far no luck. One time, I messaged her on Instagram and asked her if we could meet up and get coffee so I could ask her about her career. She said no which I can attest was really awkward for me. But, alas, I continue to message her about RANDOM things: all fashion related, no a creeper. She also posts giveaways. She is currently doing one where she is giving away a thin diamond ring. In order to enter the giveaway, you have to follow her, follow the jewelry designer, and like the post. To get two extra entries, you can post an Instagram story and tag her. Trying to find a natural way to do that.. so far no luck.

She did a giveaway once for a Dyson Blow Dryer. I wanted it so badly that I commented 181 times (each comment was an entry). I lost. Maybe this one is my time.

Anyway, shameless plug, go follow her and maybe look into other fashion bloggers. Share if you find a good one. It’s the best procrastination method out there.

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