Student Spotlight: Natalie King, Social Media Influencer

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Student Spotlight: Natalie King, Social Media Influencer

Natalie King is a third-year Marketing student here at the University of Georgia. At 20 years old, she has already built a brand for herself as a Social Media Influencer. Through Instagram, she creatively helps brands market their products, which has given her hands-on experience that will surely help her succeed in whichever marketing profession she takes on in the future.

Natalie’s primary job when partnering with companies is to push their products to encourage her followers to purchase them. She is most closely viewed as a “lifestyle influencer,” meaning she promotes everything from skincare to clothing, portraying an authentic take on everyday life. In the past, Natalie has worked with multi-million dollar companies like Zappos, Fabletics, Bumble, and BioClarity. She says that these collaborations have given her unique experience with targeting and positioning.

Photo from Natalie’s Instagram showing a collaboration with the clothing brand, Bebe.

I asked Natalie how the process works and she said, “Usually, an agency will reach out to me on behalf of the brand via email and will pitch a dollar amount and the details of the campaign. The details include which product will be promoted, the number of posts wanted, and other specific terms.” Believe it or not, being an influencer can bring in a lot more cash than you would expect. This kind of income has led to her least favorite part about it- taxes. She says, “After we come to an agreement, the agency sends over a contract and I return a signed copy along with a completed W9 form (the form that allows the IRS to collect taxes). From there, I just post on the specified dates and then have to send my engagement results about a week later.” Evaluating how “well” a post did by analyzing insights can help brands decide whether or not they want to work together again in the future.

Natalie also made it clear that being an influencer has greatly improved her time management skills. With strict contract guidelines, there is rarely time to procrastinate. When she is juggling 5 or 6 campaigns at a time on top of her studies, planning is crucial.

Photo from @inatalieking.

Natalie is most excited for her upcoming campaign with a travel agency that is funding her spring break trip! As far as her professional career is concerned, she hopes to land a marketing internship in New York City this summer. To keep up with Natalie, follow along on Instagram at @inatalieking.

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Alejandra Retana

Alejandra Retana

January 22, 2019at 10:37 am

It was very interesting to read this blog and learn about the behind-the-scenes of being an influencer. I personally follow a few and always wondered how it all works. It is cool to see how she is balancing school and social media influencing. The fact that she is so young and has worked with so many big brands is very impressive. It is also nice to see that she has learned a lot from this job that will help her in the future with a career in marketing.

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