Coca Cola vs. La Croix

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Coca Cola vs. La Croix

Coca Cola recently launched two new flavors of Diet Coke: strawberry guava and blueberry acai. Personally, I did not even know they had any other flavors besides the original Diet Coke. It makes sense that they would add these flavors since they have Coca Cola Cherry and other similar flavors. I have yet to try these two new flavors, however I am quite skeptical on how they would taste.

Apparently, Coca Cola did this as an attempt to compete with La Croix, which offers natural flavoring with sparkling water. I’m curious to see how Coca Cola will do. We were discussing Coca Cola in one of my marketing classes and I think one of the main concerns Coca Cola needs to focus on is the health factor. Nowadays, many people (including their audience) are health conscious and care about the added sugars, aspartame (which many say have negative effects) and other ingredients that are not the best. I think this is the reason why La Croix has been doing so well, because it is a better option that offers zero sugar and natural flavoring. Though Coca Cola has been labeling some of their products as “No Sugar, 0 Calories”, customers will still look at the ingredients and see the aspartame, which I know detracts more and more consumers.

Of course, Coca Cola is one of the best and the original soda making companies. But, I’m curious if they would even think about adding a line extension, since I do believe that soda sales are (or soon to be) declining. I’m not sure exactly what this line extension would be though I think the redesign of the Diet Coke could potentially help with their competitors. 

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Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson

January 22, 2019at 12:24 pm

This is a very interesting blog post because I would have never thought coca cola would compete with a sparkling water company. They produce two very different products and I feel like the new coca cola flavors would stand no chance against La Croix. I agree that soda sales will decline in the future and that people will move more towards healthy alternatives like La Croix.

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