UGA India Night 2019: 25th Anniversary

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UGA India Night 2019: 25th Anniversary

One of the longest standing events at UGA is UGA India Night. This cultural show has a long history at the school and has grown substantially over the years. What started out as a small cultural night hosted in Memorial Hall has grown to be a national Bollywood dance competition hosted at the Classic Center with more than 2,000 people in attendance.

8 Bollywood dance teams from across the US come to Athens and perform a 10 minute dance set that combines numerous dance forms such as contemporary, Bhangra, Indian Classical, hip-hop, jazz, and more. The teams are awarded more than $2,500 in prizes!! They also win points that impact their national standing (during which the top 10 teams in the country compete for the ultimate prize).

The UGA Indian Cultural Exchange has been hosting this event in Athens, Georgia for 25 years. Back when the event first started, it was a cultural show at which UGA students performed for their peers. This event was a special way for members of the South Asian community to celebrate their culture and celebrate with one another. This expanded and changed over the years and grew to be a dance competition. In recent years the competition has become part of a national Bollywood Dance Competition series that dance teams from across the US compete in to win points and contend for the national competition.

With more than 100 people involved with the production and logistical management of the show, this event has lots of backstage help that make the night possible.

Want to come out to the show? Tickets are on sale now!! UGA India Night 2019 will be the best one yet. Come out to the show to celebrate the event’s 25th anniversary and see the spectacular performances and talented dancers bring the night to life.

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