Why Pancake Tuesday is the Best Athens Foodie Tradition

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Why Pancake Tuesday is the Best Athens Foodie Tradition

Sometime during the spring of 2015, I stumbled upon the greatest contribution to the Athens food scene: Pancake Tuesday at Mama’s Boy. This serendipitous breakfast breakthrough, quickly evolved into a weekly ritual of stuffing my face and exchanging stories with my close friends. Here are a few reasons why you must block off Tuesday mornings on your calendar to catch up with friends over $3.99 worth of decadence:

Skip the inevitable weekend brunch rush

Every Athenian knows the feeling of craving Mama’s Boy on a Sunday morning and calling up all your friends, only to find a 90-minute line in the way of those massive, decadent biscuits. Little do the 50-people waiting in line know, that the best way to get your biscuit fix wait-free is to dine on a weekday when the crowds are nonexistent. Out of the past 4 years that I have participated in Pancake Tuesday, I have not once encountered a wait for a table. A true Mama’s Boy anomaly.

Connect with the friends you always make plans with that never happen

Bless these friends for staying in touch after countless promises to grab coffee every time you run in to each other. The beauty of breakfast dates, is that you can schedule them before your hectic day of classes or meetings start. Thus, avoiding those plans that get de-prioritized behind finishing a deadline or capping off the newest binge-worthy Netflix series. Most weeks, my “Breakfast Club” meets right when the doors open. As the friend who is always running from one event to the next, having our established breakfast date at 7am is worth exchanging the extra hour of sleep to hear how everyone’s weekend went and their plans for the week. No matter how dreadful your Monday was or how much anxiety your jam-packed schedule gives you, there is no problem a plethora of calories and a healthy dose of friendship can’t cure.

Expand your palate at little expense

The Beauty of Mama’s Boy is that the meals are incredibly affordable and so are the pancakes at $3.99 for a half stack (and even less after you split the cost amongst your group). These are no ordinary flapjacks we are talking about. These next-level fluffy treats are further elevated to bring whimsy into your morning routine. Every week, the Mama’s Boy cooks whip up a different sinful combination of batter and sugary goodness worthy of Michelin star. Some of my favorite concepts have been strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, strawberry and blueberry topped with granola and drizzled with glaze, turtle pecan with bacon, and gooey cinnamon roll. If you don’t favor ambiguity, you can call both the Oconee and Downtown locations to scope out which flavor of the day you prefer (a strategy I have used a handful of times).

Now that your craving pancakes along the warm company of loved ones, text your squad and get ready for a ritual that will add flavor and friendship to your Tuesday wake-up!

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Julia Solomon

Julia Solomon

January 22, 2019at 10:04 am

I really thought I knew all the good Athens breakfast possibilities but this is something I had no idea existed. As a person who frequently brunches at Mama’s Boy on the weekends I am thoroughly disappointed in myself for not finding out about this until my last semester of college. I will definitely be trying to make it to as many pancake Tuesdays as possible before graduation!

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