Need to get your mind off books and studying? Hit the lanes and head to the alley!

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Need to get your mind off books and studying? Hit the lanes and head to the alley!

Just a few weeks into school, yet tests and quizzes are already back in full force. I am always looking for ways to avoid studying or to wait until the last minute to finish an assignment, so I thought I would share an activity I do when trying to avoid responsibilities. Bowling is a great way to get your mind off the books and spend time with a group of friends.

Showtime Bowl offers cheap bowling every Wednesday night. My friends and I frequently take advantage of this offer as it is a great deal. From 6:00 pm until closing time (which I believe is 2:00 am) you can bowl for a low price of $3.00 a game. Now to get the special of course there is a twist, and that is buying a pair of rental shoes. The shoes come in at a cost of $4.00 though, so you really still cannot beat this deal.

Not only is the bowling alley a great place to hangout to get your mind off of school, but also has the best food. Yeah, no joke. A bowling alley with incredible food (unheard of, I know). If you aren’t crazy about bowling, but still need an excuse to push off some school work, head over to Showtime Bowl and order some chicken tenders and tater tots. The chicken tenders are out of this world and I know it sounds crazy because its bowling alley food, but I promise they are to die for. Or maybe you go with the fried pickles. Either way, you won’t regret the decision of ordering bowling alley food, I promise.

So I talked about the deals and the food, what’s left? Beer. That’s right, Beer. Showtime Bowl has coolers full of all kinds of beers from the Athens area from Terrapin to Creature Comforts to Southern Brewing Company.

So head on down to your local bowling alley to relieve some stress once in a while. You won’t regret it.

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