Student Spotlight – Cassie Burk

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Student Spotlight – Cassie Burk

Cassie Burk has really made a name for herself during her short time on campus. The sophomore from Peachtree City, majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences, is currently holding two major roles in different organizations across UGA’s campus.  

While speaking with Cassie, it was obvious that she really has loved her time on campus so far. Recently, Cassie Burk was elected the new chapter president of Alpha Phi Sorority. Alpha Phi is the newest sorority on campus and Cassie is only the second president to take on this role here at UGA. She seemed very excited to be able to lead this new organization. I asked her what she is most excited for in the upcoming year and this is what she said.

“As the new president of Alpha Phi, I am excited to serve the girls and help further the chapter as we establish ourselves on campus. I have found some of my best friends among these strong women, and nothing makes me happier than having the privilege to lead them and grow with them.”

Also, in a few short weeks Cassie will attend the Annual Alpha Phi Conference in Atlanta not only to learn from the organizations professionals but also to network with other Alpha Phi Presidents in the Southeastern Region.

Cassie also holds two leadership positions in the Wesley Foundation. Every Monday night Cassie meets with a small group of freshman and councils them through their faith and their first year of college. Cassie, will also be a team lead on her mission trip to Port Maria, Jamaica with the Wesley Foundation. This will be Cassie’s second spring break in Jamaica with the Wesley Foundation.

“Cassie, what would you say was your biggest takeaway from last year’s mission trip?”

She responded. “In Jamaica, I was shown by the Jamaican people what it looked like to truly celebrate and embrace every aspect of your life and what you are dealing with and that you can use any circumstance to glorify the Lord. I learned that I am not defined by any earthly thing and that I am enough as I am because the Lord made me Himself. He sent his son for me, and no earthly thing can change that. I also learned what it was to be authentically me even when everyone is watching, and I learned that I am something to be celebrated.”

Burk only being a sophomore makes these accomplishments even more successful. It’s apparent that she’s already learned so much through these two different organizations and will continue to learn more. I’m so excited to see what she’ll take on next. Good luck Cassie!

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