Student Spotlight: Kelsey Russo

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Student Spotlight: Kelsey Russo

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If you’ve ever picked up a copy of The Red and Black, an independent newspaper that covers all you need to know about UGA and Athens, you know that there are countless articles on athletics. Fourth year student Kelsey Russo from Hudson, Ohio has been writing and designing for the sports section of The Red and Black since her freshman year at UGA. Kelsey will be graduating this Spring with a degree in Journalism from the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, along with a Sports Management Minor and Sports Media Certificate.

In high school, Kelsey wrote for her school’s newspaper and took an interested in journalism-focused classes. She always knew that she was interested in writing, but not in the sense of a traditional English class. Kelsey frequently wrote about local athletes, and knew she wanted to pursue a similar path in college. When touring UGA during her senior year of high school, Kelsey grabbed a copy of The Red and Black and found it interesting that it was produced by students and showcased a lot of her interests. After attending their info session and meeting some of their editors, she decided to begin writing and designing for the Sports her second semester of her first year at UGA and work directly with the athletes. Through The Red and Black, Kelsey has learned practical experience about potential careers in her field of study, and was able to find exactly what direction she plans to take her career. She even mentioned that “Ending [her] time at The Red and Black this semester to focus on internships was one of the hardest aspects of college up to this point.”

As a second-semester senior, Kelsey has completed an internship with SB Nation, a sports blogging network owned by Vox Media, in New York City. Currently, Kelsey holds an internship at the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) worth four credit hours. With a well renowned sports department, AJC provides Kelsey with a professional environment that gives her a glimpse of what her potential career could look like. She also has the chance to work with seasoned writers with great craft, experience, and networking resources.

While Kelsey has many takeaways from the numerous classes she has completed at this point in her college career, one that has stuck and will continue to stick with her is advice from Professor Vicki Michaelis, director of Grady Sports. “Professor Michaelis taught me how to have confidence in myself before others can have confidence in me, and that if I believe I can do the work, then others will believe it too,” Kelsey expressed. She also learned that these habits will guide her through a career as a woman in a male-dominated field.

With her very little free time, Kelsey finds that it’s most important to spend time with the people she is close with. Through her classes, The Red and Black, and her sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, Kelsey has met the people that she plans to keep in her life forever. As her time at UGA will come to a close later this Spring, she hopes to solidify a feeling of confidence within herself, knowing that she has learned from “the best of the best” and that she’s read to head into the professional world. “I’ve already gotten a taste of this feeling from UGA, so I hope to be ready when this chapter ends and the next begins.”

I wish Kelsey all the best in her remaining time at UGA and with her future. With all that she has accomplished so far, Kelsey’s future looks very bright. I’m proud to call her a fellow bulldog!

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