Student Spotlight: Michael Morgan

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Student Spotlight: Michael Morgan

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Micheal Morgan is currently a senior biochemistry major set to continue his education at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Raised in Alpharetta by Georgia alumni parents, it was only fate that he follow in both their and his siblings’ footsteps in choosing UGA. He’s a member of the fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, as well as drummer of popular local band, Light Brigade.

Michael’s time in SigEp will surely stay with him for the rest of his life. Through this fraternity he has made many life-long friends and opened many doors. Sigma Phi Epsilon enabled him to grow his circle and truly made a big campus feel smaller. From social gigs with his band to advice from former med students, being involved has had numerous benefits. Micheal emphasizes the importance of communication and networking whether it be in the form of fraternities and sororities or clubs and organizations; being involved allows for us all to get the most out of our short time here at the University of Georgia.

Founded in a UGA dorm room in January of 2016, Light Brigade is a rock band that went from hobby with friends to profit-turning experience. By taking advantage of the GA Theatre and Greek life functions, Light Brigade has slowly amassed a solid following which includes approximately 17,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Michael truly loves music and being part of the classic band experience has been the highlight of his time at UGA. Although the band has decided to split upon graduation, Michael is not sour; he knew this wouldn’t be permanent and is happy to have been a part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Light Brigade’s last performance will be on February 5th at the Georgia Theatre, where they will be headlining. (10/10 would recommend)

Mike has always been interested in the medical field; since prior to his arrival at UGA their wasn’t a doubt in his mind about what he wanted to do. For the last two summers he’s be an intern at an oral surgeon’s office where he acted as a surgical technician. This experience, along with great academics, provided him admission to Augusta University – Medical College of Georgia. Although he isn’t certain what he wants to be in the medical field quite yet, he’s leaning towards surgery. Regardless of what he does, you’re sure to be in good hands when he’s looking after you.

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