Bosch’s micro-influencer campaign

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Bosch’s micro-influencer campaign

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We all catch ourselves from time to time spending multiple hours glued to YouTube and other social media platforms researching things that we would most often consider trivial. The access we have to Youtube and other platforms allow us to dive in to topics that we never thought we would be interested in. Bosch is a power tool company that recently participated in a campaign with micro-influencers to draw more consumers to purchase their products. Micro-influencers are those people and groups we see all over Youtube and Facebook posting extensive reviews and DIY videos concerning the topics that they are considered well versed in. Bosch was able to utilize a low amount of capital in order to efficiently maximize the reach of their campaign.

The great thing about engaging with micro-influencers is the fact that they are so personable, and people tune-in to them for advice and recommendations. They are great to maximize conversions because a majority of their viewers depend on them heavily with a great deal of trust. Even though they may not be as professional, we often make large purchases solely based on their reviews, or unboxing videos. This proved very useful for Bosch because of the products they are trying to sell, power tools. This successful use of micro-influencers led to a low cost, high impact campaign that we will likely see utilized more often in the future.

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Jonathan Schaefer

Jonathan Schaefer

January 29, 2019at 1:19 pm

I think this campaign is a great way to get their brand heard of by a modern audience especially. Today’s generations are consuming more online content so it only makes sense to incorporate brands on these platforms. I know if i was watching one of my youtubers using a product and recommending it for say photography, that next time i’m shopping for the hobby or what not i’ll be more likely to remember what the youtuber uses and purchase that item. Even if it isn’t an entire video dedicated to the product if the person is just showing it for a few seconds in a video it would still lead to great exposure.

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