Dr. Donald Addison: Life Coach Spotlight

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Dr. Donald Addison: Life Coach Spotlight

As the most recent addition to the Institute for Leadership Advancement in the Terry of Business, Dr. Donald Addison has already made a tremendous impact on his students, myself included. With a background in the banking industry, Dr. Addison is not only extremely experienced, but he is also eager to bring that knowledge to his students. His positive energy, transparency, and willingness to invest in his students makes Dr. Addison one of my favorite professors at UGA. 

In a recent interview, I asked Dr. Addison what was something that he believed all business majors should know. He said, “I believe the most important skill to develop as a young leader is the ability to be flexible, dependent upon the situation! Being able to adapt your leadership style to your followers and the context of the situation is a rare but valuable quality.” It is this insight that makes Dr. Addison such a valuable mentor to me as a young business woman. I can’t count the amount of times I have already dropped by his office with something on my mind, and he sat with me to talk through it. I later asked him if he could give his college-self one piece of advice, what would it be? He said, “Get all of it!” He explained that not only is it important to be involved in your college experience in an academic way, but there is also a lot of value in investing your time in the college culture, meaning clubs, extracurricular activities, and college friendships. 

Dr. Addison is a great example of the many extraordinary faculty available to us, as students, here at the University of Georgia. We are given so many opportunities to learn from our faculty members, and we don’t take advantage of this privilege enough. They are here to help us learn, and they have invaluable knowledge and experience. Dr. Addison has already given me copious amounts of advice, and I know he will continue to be there for me in the future!

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Macy Wilbanks

Macy Wilbanks

February 2, 2019at 2:35 pm

Dr. Addison has hands down been the most available and helpful professor for me so far! It’s incredible how much he pours into his students. I wish UGA had more professors like him!

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