Feeling Bubly(é)?

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Feeling Bubly(é)?

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On the first Sunday of February, the world stops turning for America. People flock in herds to the chosen city, citizens choose their sides, and media is turned on its head. To a foreigner, it might sound like the beginning of some governmental breakdown apocalypse. However, for the United States, we simply know it as Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl has become as notorious for advertising as it has for football. Everyone watches to see which companies will pay millions of dollars to show something that tugs on your heart strings, something that is scandalous, or often times, something that you wonder who thought that was a good idea in the first place. Super Bowl ads nowadays are a huge risk- with an average of over 100 million sets of eyes watching, it is easy to try to step outside of the box and make a fool of your brand. Companies are working so hard to do something different that many lose sight of the core of their brand and what people want from advertising.

However, PepsiCo’s newly acquired brand, Bubly, will be airing an ad in the third quarter of this year’s Super Bowl that is refreshing in its simplicity. As a brand, Bubly is light hearted, crisp, and fun. To match this personality in their advertising, they used Michael Bublé to poke fun at the drink by replacing the name Bubly with his own last name, Bublé. What results is an advertisement that grabs your attention by doing the opposite of what the majority of companies have been doing in the last several years. Rather than trying to pull you in with sheer absurdity or by tying the brand to an unrelated social issue, Bubly is pulling you in by being genuine and true to who they are and who they think would enjoy the product. Whether the commercial is a success will determine if brands will take a step away from the trends and get back to the pleasant entertainment of advertising, but only time will tell.


Danielle Fay

Danielle Fay

February 3, 2019at 2:22 pm

I look forward to Superbowl commercials every year! Honestly, more than the actual Superbowl. I haven’t heard anything about this brand yet so I’m excited to see the commercial. I think it’s smart of a new brand to use such a well known figure, such as Michael Bublé, to promote their product in front of a huge audience. I’m expecting this to cause the brand to gain a lot of attention on social media and more publicity in general. Looking forward to this commercial and others during the Superbowl!

Caroline Bradley

Caroline Bradley

February 4, 2019at 10:48 am

I loved the Bubly Ads! I love Lacroix and other carbonated drinks but have yet to try Bubly. I am curious now and probably will honestly. Pepsi does a great job getting various celebs featured in their ads (they had some biggies last night), so I honestly thought the Michael Bublé feature was funny, and yes, light hearted! I hope they continue with this, like they always have, but keep the light hearted aspect.

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