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Julia Thompson

A second semester Senior at the University of Georgia, Julia Thompson is gearing up to prepare herself for the “real world” ahead. With graduation quickly approaching, reflecting on her undergraduate journey was particularly nostalgic to say the least.

Julia actually began college in Knoxville, TN at the University of Tennessee. Go Vols, I guess? Amongst many other freshman, she had to declare a major. Let’s be honest, no one really knows what they want to do as a freshman. (but none will admit it) Nonetheless, Julia settled on healthcare as her field of choice and started on her merrily way to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Julia was hopeful and confident in her choice. That was, until she reached her class in Family Development and had a rude awakening followed by a subsequent change of heart after the teacher played a video on the wondrous miracle that is life.

“Yeah…I almost passed out after watching that birthing video. I literally had to get up and leave the room.”

Yikes. Although, better to know now that you aren’t cut out for the job before you are actually in it. It was really after enrolling at the University of Georgia and landing an acceptance at the distinguished Terry College of Business as a Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN) major that Julia began to find her footing. The question is: why Risk Management and Insurance? Why UGA?

“Making the transition to UGA was an easy one. Both of my parents went to UGA, and it has the better business school. Coming from three generations of the industry, I saw how successful my dad Donald was in the insurance realm, and UGA was the obvious choice as Terry held the best program in the country for Risk Management and Insurance.

Donald Tuttle Thompson III in a hospital bed due to an appendix rupture, after failing to practice proper risk management techniques himself…

So as the “heir of Donald Tuttle Thompson the III of Thompson Insurance Inc” and with three generations of history and support on her side, Julia left her friends and life behind in Knoxville and transferred to the University of Georgia. A few bumps in the road with transferring credits and inevitably challenging intro ACCT and FINA classes later, she has survived up into her final semester here at UGA. Within Terry, Julia is currently a member of the Gamma Iota Sigma and the Insurance Society. She is also a member of Women In Business- UGA. When she’s not enjoying the new business learning community while she can, she can be seen enjoying a nice refreshment on the walk back to her apartment at the local Bubble Tea Cafe downtown, kickboxing at Strength and Strike gym, or roaming the aisles of Target for an excuse to purchase an item that she knows she probably doesn’t need.

Now, Julia is finishing up her last RMIN major required course in Corporate Risk Management. Just like that, her days at the University of Georgia and of still being considered “a kid” are numbered. With graduation right around the corner, Julia is, like every other senior, nervous to enter into the next chapter of her life. She wonders when the amount of phone interviews, sweaty interviews in her business suit, and networking with recruiters at career fairs will turn into a solid job offer she is interested in accepting. Ultimately, she knows she made the right decision transferring to the University of Georgia as she is more prepared to enter the insurance industry with the knowledge that the RMIN program and Terry College of Business has provided.

Personally, I also think she made the right decision as UGA is where she met her roommate and later close friend, me. I have to say that I’ve never met anyone quite like Julia before. Although I will miss having her here on campus with me, I know she’ll be off advancing her career, taking different and exciting opportunities, gaining new experiences, and finding out exactly where she fits in this crazy world. In the moment, it is hard for her to visualize, but I know her unique personality, caring and empathetic attitude, witty sayings, curiosity for deep and meaningful conversation, and overall enthusiasm for life, cheesy as it may sound, will take her far in life no matter what direction it leads.

Though… I may be a bit biased.

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Julia Thompson

Julia Thompson

February 6, 2019at 5:48 pm

Omg honey!!!!! This is so nice, thank you for taking the time to write a post about me. Luckily after a $5,000 deductible, Donald is alive and well. I will definitely be instilling better risk management techniques into his life.

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