Hit the Athens Ice Skating Rink!

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Hit the Athens Ice Skating Rink!

Do you find yourself stressing over the beginning of a new semester? For me, tests are piling up and the cold weather makes it difficult to want to get out of bed for class every morning. One upside to the winter season and the start of a new semester is the UGA public ice skating rink. Found at the Classic Center, the ice rink is open until the end of February. This is where the Ice Dawgs face their opponents weekly, therefore you can make a night out of catching a game and afterwards skating on the same rink!

I’m from Atlanta, and every time winter comes around, I am always looking for a time to hit the ice rink. Whether it be with friends, family, a club, a significant other, ice skating can be for everyone! Take a quick break from studying and head over to Foundry Pavilion and rent your skates for a fun, relaxing 90 minutes. For those of you who don’t necessarily like hitting the gym, ice-skating might be a fun way to “exercise” for you!

Last week was actually my first time going to an Ice Dawgs game and it was incredible! All of us insisted on staying after and ice skating, which is what we ended up doing. We had the best time and I had such a memorable night in Athens. Being from Atlanta, I have always gone to The Cooler, however, now with a public ice skating rink held right here in Athens, I am able to make my way over to the rink on a school day and take a break from homework!

Athens has always done a good job of making the city feel like home during the holiday season, and I think Athens on Ice takes it to a new level! You no longer have to wait until you head back to your hometown just to go ice skating! It’s something really unique that UGA has to offer. Not every college town can say that they have a public ice rink right next to campus!

Christmas break may be over, but make the most of this holiday season in your favorite city by hitting the ice rink before it’s too late!

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