Student Spotlight: Annie Leeth

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Student Spotlight: Annie Leeth

Annie Leeth, a fourth year Music Composition and Violin Performance Major, is doing big things in the Athens music community! Annie came to the University of Georgia knowing she wanted to pursue a degree in music and make a career out of her passion. In addition to her major she also received a certificate in Music Business. Most recently, she played on AFTM’s recent album “Around for the Moment” and played in their live sold out show at the Georgia Theatre! Annie has also played for The Pink Stones, Faye Webster, and Brad Gerke. She even spent a summer touring with Future Lives!

Annie has released two albums of her own, creating haunting music using the violin, analog synthesizer, organ, voice, and thumb piano. Her brilliant debut album was Heard, a combination of electronic and instrumental composition. Her second album and most recent work is Recurrence. Both albums can be streamed on Spotify or purchased from Annie!

Currently, Annie does studio work at Chase Park Transduction and 1093 Studio. Recently she started running sound at Georgia Theatre, Flicker, and High Cotton Music Hall! Outside of working at studios and concert venues, she enjoys playing weddings and teaching violin to kids.

For the next few years Annie will be in Athens continuing her studio work and running sound at the Georgia Theatre. She hopes to move to New York City or Atlanta so she can further her career in music! To check out more about Annie follow this link:

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