Student Spotlight: Ashley Walls

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Student Spotlight: Ashley Walls

Ashley Walls is a local singer-songwriter, musician, and student at the University of Georgia. Read more to find out about her music.

  1. Where are you from? Marietta, GA
  2. What are you studying? Marketing & Music Business
  3. How long have you been involved in music? I have always been involved in music in some sort of a way. When I was younger, I sang in choir and acted in plays. Even at the age of 5, I would carry around a little guitar and make up songs for strangers, so it’s been in my heart for a long time.
  4. What kind of music do you play? Country, yeehaw!
  5. How does the songwriting process work for you? Normally the lyrics come first, and the instrumentation follows, but sometimes I start with the music first.
  6. What are your career goals? I would love to become a national country singer/songwriter. Touring throughout the world is a dream of mine.
  7. What is your favorite thing about music? The awesome people that I have met along the way and the self-expression it gives me.
  8. What is your favorite thing about performing? The fans, I love when people dance to my music… it really energizes you.
  9. What is a fun fact about you? I have a twin sister!
  10. What inspires you in music and in life? I am constantly inspired by my parents. They worked hard and earned everything we they have today, and it really inspires me to try my best to not only achieve greatness but also be as kind as they are daily. It keeps me going knowing that they were able to get through their hardships and reach their goals!

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Jeffrey Vernon

Jeffrey Vernon

February 5, 2019at 3:54 pm

Ashley Rocks. Check out her recorded music, her songs are great and she is definitely going places!

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