Super Bowl Disappointment

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Super Bowl Disappointment

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I’m not going to lie or beat around the bush, this year’s Super Bowl ads were not up to par, with the exception of a handful. And out of the handful, I remember two of them simply because we talked about them in class prior to the game. I have never been the hugest fan of NFL football, I’m more of a SEC football girl, but this year I was more into the Super Bowl because one, it was in Atlanta and two, I was excited to use all the information I have learned in my marketing classes to analyze the ads, and I was highly disappointed.

There are two types of people in the world, those who watch the Super Bowl for football and those who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I, along with many other viewers, were excited to see all the commercials brands had put together for the special occasion and were ready for their marketing team to wow us, but the complete opposite happened and I believe more than just myself was left with more disappointment than wow.

The few that stood out to me and, are what I would consider a normal Super Bowl ad, appealed to the consumer in some psychological way that make it memorable and makes the ads for the Super Bowl worth the hype. A lot of the ads this year, I believe were trying to be humorous or trying to appeal to the consumer by using celebrities they know, however their appeals really didn’t work that well and did not leave a lasting mark on me.

The three ads that stood out to me the most this Super Bowl was Verizon Wireless, Microsoft and Avocados from Mexico. Verizon Wireless and Microsoft took the route of an emotional appeal and Avocados from Mexico took a humorous appeal.

Verizon Wireless normal ads include them showing a map of the cell service coverage they have throughout the world and the phone deals and contract deals they offer, however this is the best commercial I have seen them ever do that makes me proud to be a Verizon customer. Verizon appealed to the entire audience of the Super Bowl by including an NFL coach and First Responders, which I believe all viewers have a soft spot for First Responders and the job they do on a daily basis. Microsoft also went for an emotional appeal, where they caught the eye of all viewers using special needs kids as their focus and the gaming controller they created for those with physical disabilities that have a harder time using a normal gaming controller. Both commercials personally gave me chill bumps and appealed to me emotionally in two different ways

The Avocados from Mexico ad took the usual humorous route of past Super Bowl commercials, by switching the roles of dogs and humans at a dog show. I personally thought it was funny and a way to attract people that would not have payed attention if it were just an informal ad about avocados. I have seen many others disagree with my liking of the ad, however it was memorable to me, and I thought it was quite humorous too.

I’m no expert and know there were a lot of good things and strategies that brands had behind all their ads, however a lot of them did not stand out at all. Now that the ads are released and will become regular on television I may see them differently and become fond of them simply because of mere exposure. However, at first glance there were only a few that stood out to me and appealed to me. Below I have attached the three I have mentioned to get your input on if these ads spoke to you also.

Although I was disappointed I am still looking forward to next year’s Super Bowl ads and hope the brands learn from this year’s fails. Until we meet again Super Bowl ads.

Verizon Super Bowl 2019 Ad
Microsoft Super Bowl Ad 2019
Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Ad 2019

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Isabelle Alzona

Isabelle Alzona

February 4, 2019at 7:28 pm

I completely agree with you! The Superbowl is a brand’s time to shine with their ads but I can hardly remember any of them. Overall, a missed opportunity on their part.

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