Corporate Spotlight: Margot Dukes

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Corporate Spotlight: Margot Dukes

Margot Dukes Eddy

Margot Dukes Eddy is a professional marketer who has paved her own path in the digital marketing world. After being raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she attended the College of Charleston and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Arts Management and Business Administration. She held various internships throughout high school and college ranging from Finance and Accounting to Special Events, building her large portfolio of both creative and administrative skills.

After graduating, Dukes returned to Atlanta and teamed up with a young entrepreneur and owner of a Wedding Planning Company, Shantel Khleif. After experiencing many vendors through the wedding planning business who had poorly managed digital marketing platforms thus less attractive to brides, she realized the importance of building relationships with your target audience online and the value of having marketing tools that can attract consumers remotely. Khleif also realized that there was an under-served market that needed a personable partnership to build their online brand that wasn’t ready to bring on a full-time member to their team. Dukes had also made this observation through her experience in the Special Events Management industry, and they agreed that there was a major potential in this market for creative masterminds like themselves.

In October of 2013, Imagine Media Consulting was born. Imagine Media is an Atlanta based Social Media Management Company that specializes in promoting several unique companies. Their goal is to “showcase small businesses to as many potential consumers as possible by representing brands in a way that only seasoned employees would be able to do through constant communication, creative ideas, and personal touch.” They offer services including Analytics & Reporting, Blogging & Newsletters, Consulting, Digital Marketing Campaigns, Photography & Styling, Content Creation, Strategic Partnerships, and more.

Khleif and Dukes outside Imagine Media Consulting

When Dukes began the company, she found that “many small companies weren’t prepared to hire someone in a full-time role to manage their social media and thus was neglecting the role it could play in building their brand.” Acting as consultants and offering Imagine Media’s services to smaller companies allowed them to build a brand online and reach their target markets without having to dedicate more resources than they could afford in order to keep up with digital marketing.

Dukes began as a Social Media Manager, and after five years, her role transformed, as the company did, to the Chief Operating Officer. Her current role consists mostly of “developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic, and managing the internal workings of the entire Social Media team.” What started as a partnership has transformed into a 22 person company that handles media for some major brands in Atlanta, including Ponce City Market.

One of the best parts of Dukes’s job is “the creative freedom to build a company culture. Being a pioneer in the beginning of a new company allows you to define the way you work. Things people want to see on Social Media are constantly around the office, which makes it a very exciting place to work.” Be sure to give their website and Instagram a look!

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