NFL is Killing the Ad Game

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NFL is Killing the Ad Game

On Sunday night, Americans all over the country gathered in living rooms, restaurants, and bars supplied with excess amounts of dips, chips, beer, and soda to watch the Patriots triumph over the Rams in the lowest scoring super bowl in history. More importantly than the game, they came to watch the ads! The NFL 100 anniversary ad won the USA Today Ad meter which is a ranking of ads based on consumer rating. If you thought the 2018 NFL Dirty Dancing Eli Manning and Odell Beckham ad couldn’t be topped, you thought wrong.

The ad began as a banquet facilitated by Robert Oddell to celebrate the 100th year of the NFL and after some mischief from Marshawn Lynch reaching for a cake it turned into a playful brawl over the football that fell off of the cake.  The ad had fans all over the country on the edge of their seats as their favorite players, current and retired flashed across the screen. The players ranged from Drew Brees, Eli and Peyton Manning, and Todd Gurley, to Joe Montana and Jim Brown and represented six generations of football icons. Each frame captured the players’ unique personality and reputation. This advertisement was inclusive to fans all over the country and created opportunity for them to connect with their favorite players. I don’t know about your super bowl viewing party, but at mine, this was the only commercial that got the full engagement of everyone in the room. Chants of “Gurley, ayyyee” and simultaneous gasps at Tom Brady’s interactions with Baker Mayfield echoed in the room.

My favorite thing about this commercial? All the players did it for free. NFL, we love your work!!! Keep it up.

In case you missed it!!

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