Student Spotlight- Cameron Weaver

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Student Spotlight- Cameron Weaver

The semester is in full swing, and graduation is creeping upon the seniors in Athens, Ga. Though we may find ourselves landing our dream internships, or in the dead heat of the job search, I am here to remind you to keep your eyes open to all opportunities and paths that may lead you to where you’re looking to go.

This weeks’ student spotlight features UGA’s own Cameron Weaver, and his story as to why he is taking the road less traveled by the majority of his fellow college graduates. I had the pleasured to speak with Cameron and hear how he plans to reach his goals in the future. Below are some of the questions we discussed:

  • What is your major?
    • With the help of UGA academic advisors, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in consumer economics.
  • What are your plans following graduation?
    • Following graduation, I plan to use my college degree to commission as an officer in U.S. Army.
  • How has the decision to enter the Armed Forces impacted the decisions that you have made throughout college?
    • My decision to pursue the military after college didn’t necessarily influence where I wanted to go to school. This decision’s only influence in terms of my formal education, was the pressure to choose a major that was broad, open-ended, and could be used after exiting the armed forces. I wanted to assure myself that upon exiting the armed forces, I would have a degree that could easily be applied to various fields, rather than over-specializing in a specific field.
  • How you can you leverage your experience in the Armed Forces to benefit your career after school?
    • Leadership is huge in every aspect of professional life. The experience I will gain from being in the US Army will translate well to future corporate life. Many of the transferable skills I will be getting familiar with include: human and product management, logistics, task management, and the ability to be a proven leader.

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