Life (and Talent) of Athens

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Life (and Talent) of Athens

This past weekend, the UGA Indian Cultural Exchange hosted their biggest cultural event of the year, UGA India Night. Fondly known as UIN, India Night is a national Bollywood dance competition that hosts eight competing teams and four exhibition teams. This year, UGA ICE celebrated 25 years of India Night, taking a moment to highlight their biggest event. What started as a small cultural show held in Tate Grand Hall consisting of small acts has now become a national competition held at the Classic Center that attracts bollywood-fusion dance teams from all over the country and showcases the talents of the South Asian dance and acapella teams that exist here at UGA. The theme of the show was “Athens Ki Zindagi” which translates to “Life of Athens,” and showcased various aspects of life in Athens as seen through the perspective of an Indian Cultural Exchange member.

The weekend was jammed packed with activities that celebrated dance and camaraderie. On Friday, UIN Board and Staff hosted a 90s-themed mixer in Tate Grand Hall, where the competing and exhibition teams mingled and played games reminiscent of the 90s era, such as hungry hippos, train wreck, and tug of war. The teams then had an intense dance battle that ultimately helped determine the order of performances for the show. The show occurred on February 2nd, and attracted over 1,200 audience members. The show began with a performance from UGA Kalakaar, UGA’s South Asian acapella team, that centered around suicide prevention. Four competing teams performed their elaborate themes, and after a brief intermission, the remaining for teams showed off their skills. UIN took a moment to acknowledge their philanthropy, and awards were distributed to the top three teams. Overall, the weekend was a success!

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